Community Groups

Weekly Groups

Aligned to Go & Steady As You Go: Age Concern Otago falls prevention classes are: Steady As You Go, a physiotherapy-based gentle exercise class and Aligned to Go, a faster moving dance-based class.

Margaret 477-1040

Aligned to Go – Tuesday 11am, Merilyn 453-4554
Steady As You Go – Thursday 10:30am, Tom 453-4929
Steady As You Go – Thursday 1:30pm, Lin 021 1777 185 or Alan 022 0884 156

Alzheimers Otago. Tuesday & Friday 10am-12pm. Contact Morgan Stewart, Email:

Badminton. Monday 10am-12pm. Contact:  Daily fee:  $3 (includes morning tea)

City Choir Dunedin. Tuesday 7.30pm-9.30pm. Contact Deborah Dons, chair, 021 383 667 Email:   website 

EmpowerMe Fitness. Tuesday 9:45am & Friday 9:15am. Contact: Caren Van Gastel, 0204 006 7441,
Email: Website:

Indoor Bowls. Tuesday 7pm-9pm. Contact Alan Annis, 03-474 9152

LYT Yoga. Monday 6:15pm-7:00pm & Thursday 6:15pm-7:15pm. Contact Donnine Belton, Email: 

Powerhoop Dunedin. Wednesday 5:45pm, Lee van der Schuit Powerhoop Dunedin Instructor, 027 466 7377,
Email: Facebook: 

SeniorNet. Friday 10am-12pm, Contact: Steve Dunn, Email: 

Fortnightly Groups

Dunedin Aphasia Support Group. Friday 10am-12pm. Contact Alison Zani, Email:  

Dunedin Photographic Society. Monday 7:30pm-9:30pm. Contact Judith Swan, Email:

Monthly Groups

Otago Embroiderers Guild

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