Alpha videos etc

Videos etc

There are a number of Alpha videos, including testimonies, on this page. Look at the ones down the right hand side.

There are more stories here.

The Course

The course runs for approximately 12 weeks, including a Saturday away together.

Each session consists of:

  • food
  • a video
  • time for discussion and questions

It is designed to help people explore their faith without feeling pressured.

The topics covered are:

  • Is there more to life than this?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • How can I have faith?
  • Why and how do I pray?
  • Why and how should I read the Bible?
  • How does God guide us?
  • Introduction to Alpha weekend/day
    • Who is the Holy Spirit?
    • What does the Holy Spirit do?
    • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
    • How can I make the most of the rest of my life?
  • How can I resist evil?
  • Why and how should I tell others?
  • Does God heal today?
  • What about the church?