15.12.19There Must Be More To Christmas: What’s The Story?Matthew 1:18-2:23; Luke 1:26-45, 2:1-20Peter Cheyne
8.12.19Zechariah’s Three Christmas GiftsIsaiah 9:2-7; Luke 1:76-79Peter Cheyne
1.12.19Hadyn Pirie
24.11.19When Violence Hits HomeEphesians 5:1-2, 21-33Peter Cheyne
17.11.19You’ve Got To Go Through ItJeremiah 29:1-14Annie-Kate Williams
10.11.19Christians In Fellowship; Christians In MissionActs 19:1-12Peter Cheyne
3.11.19Church-Building, Not Church Building1 Corinthians 14:1-2Peter Cheyne
27.10.19“Going To Church” In the First Century1 Corinthians 14:26-33Peter Cheyne
20.10.19 New Covenant, New Law, New Heart Jeremiah 31:31-36 David Anderson
13.10.19Jesus Appears To ThomasJohn 20:24-31Fergus Sime
6.10.19The Supremecy of ChristColossians 1:15-23David Anderson
29.9.19When Prayer Is Our First ThoughtActs 4:23-31Peter Cheyne
22.9.19Does God Really Answer Prayer?2 Chronicles 7:11-22Peter Cheyne
15.9.19What If We Didn’t Pray?Joshua 9:1-18Peter Ceheyne
8.9.19Being BereanMatthew 19:16-20Peter Cheyne
1.9.19Speaking Up For Those Who Cannot Speak For ThemselvesGenesis 1:26-31; Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18Peter Cheyne
25.8.19Give Us This Day OUR Daily BreadPs 85; Luke 11:1-13Carolyn Sims
18.8.19Jesus’ Body is Our TempleJohn 2:13-25Annie-Kate Williams
11.8.19Following Jesus’ A.C.T.S. ExampleActs 3:1-16Peter Cheyne
4.8.19Why Did Jesus Turn People Away?John 6:24-40, 51-71Peter Cheyne
28.7.19The Weapons We Fight With (NB the “sermon” was part of this Bible study)Ephesians 1:15-23; 2 Corinthians 10:1-6Peter Cheyne
21.7.19Jonah 1:1-16Chris Thomson
14.7.19Discussion on what we can learn from the Israel Folau saga. (Background resources here)Peter Cheyne
7.7.19In Suffering Stand Firm In God’s Strength1 Peter 5:8-14Annie-Kate Williams
30.6.19Characteristics of Shepherds and Sheep1 Peter 5:1-7Peter Cheyne
23.6.19Persecution, Suffering, Rejoice, Commit1 Peter 4:12-19Annie-Kate Williams
16.6.19Hope In The Midst Of Disaster (Barnabas Fund)2 Corinthians 1:3-11Stephanie Johnston
9.6.19A Man Full Of God’s Grace And PowerActs 6:8-15Peter Cheyne
2.6.19God Wants Your Body1 Peter 4:1-6Peter Cheyne
26.5.19Life Half-hearted Won’t Do1 Peter 4:7-11Annie-Kate Williams
19.5.19Jesus, The Light of the WorldJohn 1:1-5Rex Booth
12.5.19No Matter What, Do Good, Because…1 Peter 3:8-22Peter Cheyne
5.5.19Wives Submit To Your Husbands. Really?1 Peter 3:1-7Peter Cheyne
28.4.19Feeding, And Caring For, Lambs and SheepJohn 21:15-19Annie-Kate Williams
21.4.19Resurrection: Hope Through SufferingJohn 20:1-18 Annie-Kate Williams
14.4.19Palm Sunday: An Object Lesson in Submission1 Peter 2:13-25; John 12:12-6Peter Cheyne
7.4.19Shocking Goodness1 Peter 2:11-25Peter Cheyne
31.3.19Chosen For A Purpose1 Peter 2:4-10Peter Cheyne
24.3.19Under Pressure, Be Even More Christian1 Peter 1:13-2:3Peter Cheyne
17.3.19It’s All Grace. Praise God!1 Peter 1:3-12Peter Cheyne
10.3.19God’s Word To God’s Elect1 Peter 1:1-12Peter Cheyne
3.3.19Feet Washing?John 13:1-17Annie-Kate Williams
24.2.19Invited Onto God’s Team1 Corinthians 3:1-15Peter Cheyne
17.2.19R.S.V.P.John 1:35-42; Matthew 19:16-30Peter Cheyne
10.2.19Loving My neighbour? Loving My Family?Luke 10:25-37; 1 John 3:16-18Annie-Kate Williams
3.2.19The Rabbi and His TalmidimMatthew 11:28-30; Luke 11:1-13Peter Cheyne
27.1.19In Order To Reach Our PotentialJeremiah 6:16-20; Matthew 9:16-17Peter Cheyne
20.1.19Simply JesusCol 1:15-20; 2 Cor 3:18Peter Cheyne
13.1.19Invitation To Die. Invitation To Live.John 21:15-25Peter Cheyne