Resources For Missional Communities

This page contains “core resources” in the areas of Up, In and Out. In most case that means things every member of a missional community should understand and be able to implement. Of course, there are many other resources that are included on the following pages:

About missional communities

The Followers site has a collection of materials about missional communities including understanding what they are, how to start them etc.

Mike Breen’s “Headlines” about Missional Communities

Up = our relationship with God = faith

Resources will be added in time. if you have suggestions, let me know.

In = our relationships with each other = community

Resources will be added in time. if you have suggestions, let me know.

Out = our relationship with the world = mission

Being missional

Jay Moore’s 3 short videos on key aspects of being missional


Dave Mann’s “Equipping Mini-seminars” based on his book Because We Care. These videos are also available via the Hope Project Youtube channel

  1. Understanding Our Culture
  2. The Power Of Your Story
  3. How To Share Your Story
  4. What Is The Gospel?
  5. How To Share The Gospel
  6. The Six Benefits of a Conversational Approach
  7. How To Start A Normal Conversation
  8. Three Easy Questions
  9. The Benefits And Use Of Knowledge
  10. The Simple Invitation That Can Change A Person’s Life
  11. Follow-up: Principles For Success
  12. Becoming Part Of the Team
  13. Hope Project: How It All Works
  14. Extra: Door-to-door Evangelism


The Conversation Stack – Bridge Builders, Caleb Ministries

Sharing Your Testimony

Testimony Guidelines – booklet, Peter Cheyne

Presenting The Gospel

Dave Mann’s fifth video (How To Share The Gospel) as above.

The Gospel Of The Kingdom

Answering Tricky Questions

What Can I Say? – brief responses to some things people say about Christianity

Additional Resources

Take people deeper with these additional resources

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