Planning 2019

Thank you for all the work you do leading your group(s).

This year we are not asking you to write a report. We will not have a report for each group/ministry but only departmental reports written by the department leader. However, he/she will need some information from you.

It can all be done online. However, if you prefer not to do it that way, or you want any help, please contact Peter.

Therefore, could you please…

Review the current info Update
Group profile current group profile (pdf) group profile (form, optional)
Plans goals for the current year (pdf) annual report questions (form)
goals for the 2019-20 year (form)

Budget. Please just send me a Word document or an email with the following information

  1. Heading: normal running expenses
    1. List the items and the expected cost
  2. Further headings: For each of your goals
    1. List the items and the expected cost

I hope this will be reasonably streamlined for you. Thank you for doing it.