2015 – Experiencing God

Our theme currently is Experiencing God. The following resources may help you experience God this year and always.

Daily Devotionals

There are many fine daily devotionals available online. The following are just some recommended ones

Experiencing God Daily – based on the Blackabys’ book “Experiencing God”. Facebook page with a devotion for each day.

Bible In One Year – by Nicky Gumbel (pioneer of Alpha)


If you want to grow in your own relationship with God and experience Him more, the following books will be helpful. (If you would suggest other relevant books, or if you do choose to read some of these, please let Peter know.)

Blackaby, Richard, Experiencing God, B&H Publishing, 337 pages (Kindle edition)

Extra notes on sermons

15.3.15 – Seeing And Believing

What dies the process Jesus is using teach us about evangelism?

The disciples are moving from watching to believing to trusting to some understanding. That might suggest the following process is helping people come to know Jesus:

  1. We invite them to “come and see” i.e. we show them Jesus (see the article mentioned below)
  2. We encourage them to believe in who Jesus is and to trust Him. That might mean some Bible study so that they discover Jesus and conversation on the things they are seeing Jesus doing. The first step is simply that they come to know Jesus (and that might be more important than learning some theological concepts.)

8.3.15 – 5 Disciples Meet Jesus

Don’t forget this week’s challenge. (See the end of the sermon)

An article on evangelism using Jesus’ “Come and See” method

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