How Did John The Baptist Prepare For Christmas?

Today I read this article entitled “How Did John The Baptist Prepare For Christmas?” and it got me thinking.

Here’s my adaption of the main points. I thought there was at least one thing that could be added. Look at your programme for the next two weeks. Have you planned time for the following?


  • John’s primary message was repentance.
  • What should change in your life because of the Kingdom of God?


  • John wore rough clothes and ate locusts and honey.
  • How should you reduce what you have, and do, so as to live a simpler, more Christ-pleasing life?


  • John whole purpose was to point people to Jesus.
  • Who will you tell about Jesus this Christmas?


  • John humbled himself and glorified Jesus. He baptised.
  • Will you take time to thank and praise Jesus, and listen to Him?

May this Christmas season be a particularly meaningful one for you,


1 thought on “How Did John The Baptist Prepare For Christmas?”

  1. Greetings Peter,

    The headings are relevant and with helpful personal application.
    However, would John the Baptist have celebrated Christmas? I think not – Clearly he heralded and rejoiced in the Saviour’s coming. May be a better title would mention “the Advent (or Coming) of the Saviour.” My main thought is that John would not have been the person he was, and would not have done what he so effectively did, without the spiritual equipment of being “filled with the HOLY SPIRIT from birth, Lk 1:15. Godly qualities of character and conduct are only produced by the indwelling and filling of the Holy Spirit. Further, John had the great advantage of entering a family filled with prayer and joyful praise, Lk 1:13, 41-46. What an inheritance!

    Thankfully, you mention what can be a “missing note” in contemporary Christianity – REPENTANCE is the first word of the Good News for both John and Jesus, Matt 3:2,8; 4:17. Again, repentance is not just at one’s initial conversion, but is so important for maturing in discipleship.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Grace and peace. Roy.

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