Contemporary Sermon – Experiencing God

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Welcome to the possibility of continuing to think through the issues. Don’t forget to use the resources page linked with our theme of “Experiencing God“.

Today’s sermon can be found here – Experiencing God

Your responses to the questions were as follows. Let’s add to the list. If you think of other things leave a comment below.

How did people experiencing God in the Bible

Spoke the burning bush
Defeated enemies Goliath
Punished / was wrathful Sodom & Gomorrah
Healed Naaman
Showed mercy. compassion Nineveh
Guided Pillar of fire
Forgave David’s adultery
Taught Ten Commandments
Required obedience Ten Commandments
Provided Manna
Empowered / gifts of the Spirit Elijah
Blessed / answered prayer Hannah

In what ways did people experience Jesus?

Healed 10 lepers
Delivered Legion
Was compassionate Samaritan woman
Taught Sermon on the Mount
Preached Sermon on the Mount
Was angry In the Temple
Made God and God’s Kingdom visible Transfiguration, feeding 5000
Served Washed the disciples’ feet
Provided Wedding wine

Do you have any other comments on the sermon or on the prospect of experiencing more of God? Add comments below.

Chris commented in the fact that the psalm repeatedly says talks about what God does. There is nothing about what David does except the last line “And I will live in the house of the Lord forever”. Even that is really talking about God’s goodness and provision. In other words, the reality is that no matter how much we do for God, He has done far more for us.

Psalm 23 Pictures To Pray – see this page for suggestions of how to pray Ps 23.

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