How Christmas Can Conquer Fears

Jeff Lyle comments on the prevalence, in the Christmas story, of the phrase “Do not be afraid”. It appears that fear was a large part of life at the time as it is for many in the world today. That includes many Christians who live under the threat of persecution, as well as Christians unsettled by the greater secularism in society.

As an antidote, he draws our attention to Jesus’ second coming. In that there is hope and confidence for the Christian.

Read his reflections here.

May your Christmas be one that removes any fear.

God bless,


5 Things To Notice In Luke’s Christmas Story

We hope you will spend some time reflecting on the scriptures this Christmas. Ask God to speak to you; to reveal Himself to you in a new way.

The Christmas story is at the beginning of Matthew’s and Luke’s gospels. Here is a reflection on Luke’s telling of this familiar story – 5 things to notice when you read Luke’s Christmas story this year.