Prof Whitehall on Gender Dysphoria

Prof John Whitehall was recently one of the speakers at the Family First “Forum on the Family”, speaking on “The Phenomenon of Childhood Gender Dysphoria”. He was also interviewed by Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB.

Given the prominence of this topic in the media at the moment, it is important that we understand the issues. It seems increasingly common to see parental encouragement to “change gender” as, in fact, child abuse.

The Newstalk ZB interview

The Forum on the Family talk

The Quadrant articles

December 2016

May 2017

John Piper’s Prayer For Donald Trump

There is huge delight and depression following the election of Donald Trump. Social media has been full of reaction, much of it extreme. But look at this prayer for President Trump. It is, in my view, biblically rooted and godly, rather than political.

John Piper prayed this prayer when praying with his staff. It was not intended for publication but it is worthy of our consideration and our imitation in our own prayers for our leaders.

This page has both an audio recording and a transcript.

Another invitation to church!!

Following seeing the previous video, Jono Hesp, from Alpha, suggested this one as well. Thanks Jono.

The point of course is to learn something from these. And do something. Are we up to it? (Although, see the note below the video as well.)

I have nothing against inviting people to church. That would be great. It also prompts us to question what we are doing at church and how well we are doing it and whether people would encounter God at our church.

On the other hand, some people would suggest it is better to work with individuals on their turf rather than expect them to come into an unknown, perhaps uncomfortable, context. See, for example, church planting movements. What do you think? Which is more biblical?

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