A Description of the Potential You

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Hi. If you were not at church on Sunday, you might not know that we looked at a list of 50 phrases describing Jesus. I suggested though that it is also a description of the… Read More »

Prof Whitehall on Gender Dysphoria

Prof John Whitehall was recently one of the speakers at the Family First “Forum on the Family”, speaking on “The Phenomenon of Childhood Gender Dysphoria”. He was also interviewed by Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB.… Read More »

Another invitation to church!!

Following seeing the previous video, Jono Hesp, from Alpha, suggested this one as well. Thanks Jono. The point of course is to learn something from these. And do something. Are we up to it? (Although,… Read More »

Disciple-making newsletter

Peter Cheyne occasionally publishes a newsletter looking at some theme related to making disciples. A new one is available and the theme is “Not Ashamed of the Gospel”. You can get it (and older ones)… Read More »