What’s Important

Part of our re-thinking things and seeking to be effective is clarifying our thinking about why we exist and so on. This is a work in progress.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to
bring people to faith in Jesus Christ
and help them grow to spiritual maturity
so that together
we form a worshipping community
that reaches out to the world in loving service
and with the good news of God’s grace.


We encourage every group and ministry to think about its future and to make goals for the coming year. This again is something we are developing.

The goals that the elders have set for the whole church are:

  1. That we implement a visitation programme along the lines described by Jim Wallace.
  2. That 40% of our members and 10% of our associates are involved in group Bible study.
  3. That 20% of our members and 5% of our associates are involved in a group that has the primary purpose of prayer.
  4. That 15% of our members are involved in some Session-recognised prayer ministry.