December 2015

The Real Meaning Of Christmas?

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“The real meaning of Christmas” is a phrase often used. Christians regret the fact that society seems to have forgotten it. Others use it to refer to something they think is core to Christmas (but… Read More »

How Christmas Can Conquer Fears

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Jeff Lyle comments on the prevalence, in the Christmas story, of the phrase “Do not be afraid”. It appears that fear was a large part of life at the time as it is for many… Read More »

Christmas at Presbyterian AFFIRM

Hi. I hope the Christmas preparations are going well. There’s a collection of Christmas videos on the Presbyterian AFFIRM website. Have a browse and enjoy them. Let us know your favourites. Or other that you… Read More »

The Man In The Moon

There is nothing explicitly Christian about this video but it is cute and does contain a message. Who could you reach out to this Christmas?

Phil Clark

Some of you met Phil Clark when he was here with Tim Scheuer. Phil is the Captain of the Church Army, the evangelistic arm of the Anglican Church. Since being here, Phil has been extremely… Read More »