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Feeling Far From God?

Dr David Powlison asks three questions that he might address to a client who says he/she feels far from God They sound like excellent questions we might ask ourselves as part of our own spiritual growth. If we are far from God, how can we have that relationship or renew its intimacy? if we are not, how can we maintain that relationship?

If these questions raise issues that you want to talk about, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you.

Peter, Rachel and John.

Free ebooks

5 Things Every Christian Needs To Grow

Until the end of June this book by R.C. Sproul is available free in ebook formats. It deals with five spiritual disciplines: Bible study, prayer, worship, service and stewardship.

It is available in three formats: epub, mobi (Kindle), and iTunes (i.e. ePub with DRM).

Check it out here.


The BookBargain app

If you have an iPad/iPhone or Android device, the BookBargain app lists cheap and free books. You canĀ find it here…

BookBargain for Android

BookBargain for iPad/iPhone